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Behzad Pharmacy is one of the first Pharmaceutical Distribution in the Kingdom of Bahrain, established in 1947 by Dr. Qassim Mohamed Behzad after his graduation from the Medical College, New Delhi-India, in 1942 (as one of the first Bahraini Doctor in the Gulf Area).

Between 1947 and 1985, Behzad Pharmacy which began developing with the life in Bahrain became one of the branches of Behzad Medical Establishment (in 1985) along with:
* Behzad Pharmacy
* Riffa Pharmacy
* Family Pharmacy
* Airport Pharmacy
* Al-Wattan Pharmacy
* Al-Hakeem Pharmacy

The first Nursing Home and Pharmacy established in Doha-Qatar until the Government Hospital started, again, we're forced to close the Nursing Home and started developing the Pharmacy and Hospital Supply.

We are proud to say that Behzad Hospital and Pharmacy are the first Hospitals established in Dubai until the opening of El Mactum and Kuwait Hospitals. We're forced to close the hospital and kept the Pharmacy which is also closed in 1985-86 because of tough rules and regulations.

To elaborate the History of Behzad Name In 1942 (August), Dr. Behzad started his private Clinic in Al-Ahsa, Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia until the end of 1943.